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Advent of Code

This repository contains solutions to advent of code problems in JavaScript.


I have a few ideas I am following with these solutions:

  • Don't use any 3rd-party libraries (don't yarn add anything, don't even make a package.json)
  • Use as few node modules as makes sense (sure, use crypto, child_process, and fs, but don't use assert)
  • Build a collection of helpers in the "lib/" folder that helps to solve the problems quickly and concisely
  • Try, but not too hard, to make single-statement solutions

The most interesting thing written to service these goals is something called "Glib" (Generator library), which is similar to lodsh/lazy.js and built using generators to allow for lazy and intermediate-free operation (as much as possible). It also uses BigInts throughout, because why not.


This code is currently not issued under any open source license and the author (Kegan Myers aka terribleplan) reserves all rights. Feel free to peruse the repo, but this is my OC, don't steal until I choose a license. It'll probably be BSD/ISC/MIT or similar at some point.